By Dittakavi Subrahamanya Sarma

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Modern Physics and Vedanta

Discoveries in sleek Physics,especially the discoveries from the start of twentieth Century,are making it progressively more obvious that many conclusions of recent Physics are precisely the conclusions of Vedanta philosophy enshrined within the Upanishads and numerous different Vedantic texts. This small publication is a really humble try and undertaking how a few of the conclusions of contemporary physics converge with the very phrases and ideas of the traditional Vedanta,and it's glossy interpretations given through Swami vivekananda.

While the Gods Play: Shaiva Oracles and Predictions on the Cycles of History and the Destiny of Mankind

In keeping with the early writings of the Shaiva tradition--still alive in India and courting again not less than 6,000 years--the arbitrary ideologies and moralistic religions of contemporary society sign the final days of humanity heading towards destruction.

This prediction is just a fraction of the enormous wisdom of Shaiva knowledge, writer Alain Danielou as assimilated and reviewed crucial suggestions of the Shaiva philosophy and its predictions. in actual fact expressed within the historic teachings, those options are in accord with, but surpass, the boldest medical speculations approximately realization, time, the character of existence and subject, and the historical past and future of the human race.

Inherent during this physique of information is an realizing of the cycles of production and destruction which, along side astronomical levels, be certain the existence span of the species. because 1939, humankind has been within the twilight of the Kali Yuga age, or on the finish of a cycle. the upcoming cataclysm, Danielou explains, is as a result of our personal error, and its date could be decided via our current and destiny activities.

While the Gods Play examines how the visionaries of precedent days outlined our rose in production. It explains why and the way we've deserted this position, and displays on what motion should be taken to consciously and creatively impact our personal future. integrated are chapters at the faith of Nature and the faith of the town, The Transmigrant physique, Sexual Rites, the Castes, Sacrifice, Magical Powers, Monastic Orders, and Forestalling the ultimate Day.

The Final Word: The Caitanya Caritamrita and the Grammar of Religious Tradition

Within the early 16th century, a charismatic Bengali Brahmin, Visvambhara Misra, encouraged groups of worshipers in Bengal, Orissa, and Vraja along with his teachings. Misra took the ascetic identify Krsna Caitanya, and his devotees speedy got here to think he used to be divine. The religious descendents of those preliminary fans this day contain the Gaudiya Vaisnava circulation, some of the most shiny spiritual teams in all of South Asia.

The Structure of Pluralism

Pluralism proceeds from the remark that many institutions in liberal democracies declare to own, and try and workout, a degree of valid authority over their contributors. They assert that this authority doesn't derive from the magnanimity of a liberal and tolerant nation yet is grounded, fairly, at the universal practices and aspirations of these people who decide to participate in a typical pastime.

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According to the canons of interpretation, anything that is inconsistent with Shruti — and the Ishopanishad is a Shruti — is to be rejected altogether. Harijan, 30-1-’37, p. 407 III (From the speech at Kottayam) Latterly I have been endeavouring to describe to vast assemblages of men and women I have adderssed what I regard as the essence of Hinduism, and I have been suggesting to them one incredibly simple mantra of the Ishopanishad, and as you know it is one of the Upanishads that enjoy the sanctity of the Vedas.

Who is the best interpreter? No learned men surely. Learning there must be. But religion does not live by it. It lives in the experiences of its saints and seers, in their lives and sayings. When all the most learned commentators of the scriptures are utterly forgotten, the accumulated experience of the sages and saints will abide and be an inspiration for ages to come. Caste has nothing to do with religion. It is a custom whose origin I do not know and do not need to know for the satisfication of my spiritual hunger.

The number of schools, colleges, dispensaries, hospitals and orphanages admirably served by their religious institution bear eloquent testimony to the quality of faith that is in them. It is not a theology and philosophy which they possess but the self-sacrificing service which they render in abundant measure towards all that is contrast to the service rendered by the temples and maths. What are the uses of the wealth of temples and maths? Are not these weapons of superstition and oppression? The heads of these maths live princely lives with vast endowments, and when they care to stir out there is a huge retinue of palanquins, cars, elephants, camels and a host of AS OTHERS SEE US 15 disciples descending on unhappy villages and towns, like locusts, for further collections.

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