By Douglas Niles

Situation and sourcebook; the sourcebook describes the continent of Ansalon, ahead of and after the conflict, and the entire draconians, creatures, and artifacts of Krynn. within the event, the participant characters move a land of smoke and hearth to arrive the capital of the Dragon Empire and confront the Dragon Queen for the ultimate conflict among stable and evil; Battlesystem facts are supplied for this conflict.

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He selects men for dangerous jobs with this factor foremost in his mind, and thus his most loyal bodyguards and lieutenants are all men with no family attachments. He is a very handsome man, with a thin mustache and long, flowing brown hair. He moves with a catlike grace, and could easily be mistaken for a high-level thief because of the silence of his walk and the natural stealth of his movements. Talent is a responsible and cautious leader who will not risk the lives of his men in a longshot mission.

A patient and competent man, he rose to power mainly through the mistakes, and subsequent untimely deaths, of his superiors. Now that he controls his Dragonarmy, he is determined to avoid the mistakes that so often destroyed previous commanders. His army holds sway over Zhakar, Blode, the Plains of East Tarsis, and the great Icewall Glacier to the south of Ansalon. These regions are neither wealthy nor well-populated, so Lucien’s status is the lowest of the five Highlords. He has plans of improving this lowly position, but will wait until after the Whitestone forces have been defeated.

If he kneels at the side of the anvil, the stone will rest upon the bronze surface. A single blow must be delivered with the hammer by a fighter. The gem shatters instantly and Berem collapses, freed at last by death. epilogue The world of Krynn has struggled through a long winter. It is hoped that the actions of the Heroes have made it possible for a fresh spring to arrive, breaking the frosty spell of evil that has held the land in thrall for so long. Yet, though the center of evil be destroyed, its pockets still remain.

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