By Encarnacion Gutierrez Rodriguez, Manuela Boatcă, Sérgio Costa

Decolonizing eu Sociology builds at the paintings demanding the androcentric, colonial and ethnocentric views eminent in mainstream ecu sociology by way of picking and describing the procedures at paintings in its present severe transformation. Divided into sections prepared round topics like modernity, border epistemology, migration and 'the South', this booklet considers the self-definition and simple strategies of social sciences via an review of the hot theoretical advancements, corresponding to postcolonial thought and subaltern reviews, and whether or not they will be defined because the decolonization of the self-discipline. With contributions from a really foreign group of best social scientists, this quantity constitutes a distinct and tightly centred exploration of the demanding situations provided by means of the decolonization of the self-discipline of sociology.

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Tellingly for this tendency, the multiple modernities perspective tackled the analysis of divergence using a neo-Weberian approach which stressed the diversity of cultural programs associated with the expansion of Western modernity in the Americas, but not the structural dependencies and processes of hierarchization that accompanied colonization. , “by not allowing difference to make a difference to the original categories of modernity” (Bhambra 2007b: 878) – multiple modernities authors paradoxically reinforced the very concept that they criticized – that of the self-sufficient, original Western modernity advocated in modernization theory.

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