By Franklin Y Cheng; Yuanxian Gu

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It has two observation decks at the heights of 180-meter and 240-meter, respectively. Preliminary investigations indicate that the acceleration response of the upper observation deck is too high and that a passive mass damper is not capable of reducing the acceleration response to an acceptable level for human comfort [Cao et al (1998)]. Consequently, an active mass driver system, in the form of a ring mass driven by three actuators as shown in Fig. C. N. be installed on the upper observation deck to reduce the acceleration response.

The traditional method is semi-inverse solution; thus only a few of solutions available. For example, only solution for both lateral simply support plate have been given for rectangle plate, and it is difficult to solve for other lateral boundary conditions. However, the new methodology presents a direct solution via introducing Hamiltonian system. , can be applied. The new methodology breaks the limitation of traditional semi-inverse solution. The solution for both sides free plate given in this paper can't be solved by the traditional method.

It fixed in last century, but the critical problem is how to solve it. The traditional solution methodology is the semi-inverse one that causes limitations. The Airy stress function is usually applied traditionally for plane elasticity problems; it also satisfies biharmonic equation (Timoshenko and Goodier 1970, Muschelishvili 1953). The analogy between plate bending and plane elasticity problems had been noticed long before (Hu 1981), but their solution systems are different each other, and the analogy relationship had not been used systematically.

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