By Bernard de Montreal

Bernard de Montreal in his first paintings in English, introduces us to the research of evolutionary psychology, explains to us the technological know-how of supramental idea, and constructs for us the psychic bridge from involution to evolution: reminiscence to inventive idea, spirituality to awareness, agony to peace, demise to immortality, soul to spirit, reincarnation to fusion.

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With it comes a heartfelt weariness and disillusionment with the endless quest for gratification, approval, profit, and status. The Great Vehicle (Mahayana) Compassion, the driving force of the Great Vehicle, is born as one realizes that both the individual “self” and the appearance of the phenomenal world are actually devoid of any intrinsic, independent existence; one sees all the suffering that results from one’s own and others’ fundamental ignorance, which misconstrues the infinite display of illusory appearances as being composed of separate, permanently existing entities.

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data In the presence of masters: wisdom from 30 contemporary Tibetan buddhist teachers / edited by Reginald A. Ray. p. cm. : alk. paper) 1. Buddhism. 2. Buddhism—China—Tibet. I. Ray, Reginald A. 3′923—dc22 2003026575 CONTENTS Preface Acknowledgments Part One Introduction 1 The Buddha: His Life, His Aspects, and His Legacy 2 The Three Vehicles 3 How to Study the Buddha’s Legacy Part Two Hinayana 4 The View of Hinayana 5 The Practice of Hinayana Refuge in the Three Jewels Meditation Part Three Mahayana 6 The Great Vehicle 7 The View of Mahayana Emptiness Buddha-Nature 8 The Practice of Mahayana Part Four Vajrayana 9 Tantric Perspectives 10 The Vajra Master 11 The Vajrayana Path 12 Making the Journey Part Five Conclusion 13 Tibetan Buddhism in the West Glossary About the Teachers Sources E-mail Sign-Up PREFACE This volume contains instructions on meditation and the spiritual life by contemporary Tibetan lamas of the “practice lineages,” primarily of the Nyingma and Kagyü.

Often, our mind is working at a very superficial level: we are at the edge, on top of the water. Contemplation begins to penetrate beneath the surface of the water. When we hear the dharma, we think about it, read about it, and go over it. Then we contemplate. Can we contemplate while we are sitting? Sure. We can also contemplate during our everyday life. 12 Contemplative meditation involves thinking about something. We sit there for ten minutes, twenty minutes, and we just think about whatever it is.

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