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Univ. of Erlangen, Germany. Combines significant clinical advances within the figuring out of autoimmunity with the medical presentation and administration of issues of the outside. For clinicians and researchers. large references, tables, figurative illustrations, and colour pictures are integrated.

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1993) and in the US (Jakobson et al. 1997) Author Incidence per Incidence per Prevalence per Prevalence per 100,000/year in 100,000/year in 100,000/year in 100,000/year in females males females males Hopkinson et al. 7 Jacobson et al. 9 Table 4. 47 Pelkonen et al. 80 and Goerz 1987), whereas SCLE is found in 7–32% of the patients (Sontheimeret al. 1979; Molad 1987; Weinstein 1987; Mooney and Wade 1989). Risk Factors that Induce SLE Risk factors might be divided into factors that induce the disease and risk factors that effect the prognosis of the disease.

16 Martin Röcken and Tilo Biedermann Type 2 T Cells and T-B Cell Interactions A large number of autoimmune diseases is immunoglobulin mediated. These ‘humoral’ diseases can roughly be divided into two major categories. Immunoglobulins can induce damage through direct binding of their target-antigen. This is the situation in most other bullous autoimmune diseases of the skin, especially pemphigus vulgaris. Alternatively immunoglobulins bind to circulating antigens and cause damage through deposition along basement membranes or in vessels.

Adult females. The cohort study Table 8. Different Cross-Sectional Studies about Breast Implants (BI) as a Risk Factor for CTDs Authors Design Size BI/No BI Average No. of CTDs follow-up in women time in years with BI/No BI Relative Risk of developing a CTD (95% CI) Goldman et al. 92)‡ Park et al. 8 0/0 0* ‡ = Adjusted RR * = 95% CI not calculated Epidemiology of Autoimmune Skin Disorders 35 Table 9. Different Cohort Studies about Breast Implants as a Risk Factor for CTD Authors Design Size BI/No BI Weisman et al.

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