By A. Arturo Leis

The Atlas of Electromyography is a visually eye-catching booklet which supplies top of the range anatomical illustrations of skeletal muscle tissues that come with nerve, plexus, and root provide images of every muscle in fit matters to let the practitioner to spot the optimal website of EMG needle insertion scientific good points of the main stipulations affecting peripheral nerves and electrodiagnostic thoughts for confirming suspected lesions of the peripheral frightened method. The atlas is split into sections at the significant peripheral nerves. every one nerve is illustrated and its anatomy reviewed within the textual content. The authors supply an in depth define of the medical stipulations and entrapment syndromes that have an effect on the nerve, together with an inventory of etiologies, medical positive aspects, and electrodiagnostic options used for every symdrome. each one muscle provided through the peripheral nerve is proven as an anatomical representation with a corresponding human photo. The textual content presents information regarding the muscle foundation, tendon insertion, voluntary activation maneuver, and location of optimal needle insertion. The needle insertion aspect is pointed out in either the anatomical representation and the corresponding pictures. This assures that pertinent bone, muscular, and smooth tissue landmarks can be utilized to steer the electromyographer to a particular aspect at the pores and skin. power pitfalls linked to the needle insertion are additional, often noting adjoining muscle tissue or constructions that could be mistakenly entered. medical correlates pertinent to the muscle being tested also are supplied. The Atlas of Electromyography serves as an anatomical consultant for practitioners of electromyography and neurologists, in addition to citizens i neurology, actual medication, and rehabilitation

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If the needle is inserted too rotation of the arm activate the In Erb's palsy (Cs, C6 root avulsion), medially, it may be in the posterior fibers of the deltoid (the infraspinatus, which is innervated needle examination will show posterior fibers are assisted in neurogenic changes. by the suprascapular nerve. backward extension by the latissimus dorsi and teres major). , the scapula. cord, upper trunk, and Pitfalls blunt trauma, fracture or dislocation of roots C5, C6. If the needle is inserted too superficially, the head of the humerus, brachial Origin The teres minor originates it may be in the posterior deltoid, which plexopathy).

From the posterior interosseous examination may nerve. show neurogenic changes when pathology produces axonal loss. 50 Anatomical Illustrations Extensor Digitorum Communis and Extensor Digit! Minimi Clinical Comments EMG Needle Insertion Innervation In a radial nerve lesion at the Innervation is via the posterior Insert the needle in the mid-forearm interosseous nerve, radial nerve, midway between the ulna and radius. The axilla (crutch neuropathy), posterior cord, middle and lower extensor digiti minimi is frequently fused needle examination may show with the extensor digitorum communis.

Tuberosity of the humerus. , 1987). the arm activates the muscle. Authors: Leis, A. Arturo; Trapani, Vicente C. Title: Atlas of Electromyography, 1st Edition Copyright ©2000 Oxford University Press > Table of Contents > Chapter 8 - Dorsal Scapular Nerve Chapter 8 Dorsal Scapular Nerve The dorsal scapular nerve originates predominantly from the fifth cervical spinal nerve within the substance of the scalenus medius muscle, but it may receive additional fibers from the fourth and sixth spinal nerves.

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