By Z. Tonkovic, M. H. Aliabadi

Advances in Fracture and harm Mechanics X cointains chosen, peer reviewed papers submitted on the tenth overseas convention on Fracture and harm Mechanics which came about in Dubrovnik.

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A complete experimental campaign of tensile tests has been done and an accurate virtual testing methodology has been subsequently applied (by means on Finite Element Models) in order to numerically reproduce the tests. The calibration of a fitted constitutive law and of three ductile failure criteria allows the numerical model to reproduce the experimental tests with good agreement up to failure. Introduction In order to develop FE model that are able to reproduce complex phenomena it’s crucial the knowledge of a detailed material constitutive law (CL).

The dynamic stress induced by alternative tip friction force has been calculated by FEM harmonic analysis and introduced into FRANC3D software as a cyclic stress. A semi-elliptical edge crack which is oriented approximately normal to the surface is introduced into the airfoil (Fig. 4a). 25 mm depth. The size and location of the initial flaw are taken from the 20 Advances in Fracture and Damage Mechanics X fractographic analysis. 5 shows the normalized KI along the crack front under steady state operation condition and cyclic stress when different tip rubbing forces of 100, 300, 500 and 700 N are applied in the blade.

4, Trans. ASME, Vol. 89, Series E, Dec. 1967, pp. 953-959. [7] Kobayashi, A. : Crack-Opening Displacement in a Surface Flawed Plate Subjected to Tension or Plate Bending, Proc. Second Intl_Conf. on Mechanical Behaviour of Materials, ASM, 1976, pp. 1073-1077. [8] Raju, I. ; and Newman, J. , Vol. ii, No. 4, 1979, pp. 817-829. [9] Newman, J. _ and Raju, I. : Analyses of Surface Cracks in Finite Plates under Tension or Bending Loads, NASA TP-1578, Dec. 1979. ; and Atiuri, S. : Analytical Solution for Embedded Elliptical Cracks, and Finite Element-Alternating Method for Elliptical Surface Cracks, Subjected to Arbitrary Loadings, Engineering Fracture Mechanics, Vol.

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