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As a self-discipline, phone biology has classically been outlined by way of the limits which outline the bounds of its pursuits. those limitations may well observe to position -cell biologists research fabric in the cellphone - or they might observe to measurement - cellphone biologists research fabric above the extent of the macromolecule.
for a few years, the boundaries of approach enforced those limitations as absolutely as any customized of the self-discipline. Our lack of ability to enquire buildings that could no longer be saw or molecules that can now not be detected guaranteed that telephone biology wouldn't pass the bounds which associated the cellphone to different degrees of association. because the 20th century nears its shut, although, the advance of a massive variety of instruments and methods, a few actual, a few chemical, a few organic, has replaced this example perpetually. mobile biology this day crosses the boundary, hyperlinks the molecule with the organelle, affiliates the mobile reaction with the

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CUNNINGHAM 34 A 0 ssd The Sfrucfure and Function of Cell Adhesion Molecules 35 Table 1. vh N-CAM ( I ) N-CAM (11) N-CAM (IV) N-CAM ( V ) Eu (VL) I2 15 25 19 18 MAG (111) MAG (IV) P" 82 M 29 25 Eu (CL) Thy-I 17 I5 16 I2 "The third homology region (111) of N-CAM wdS compared with the other homology regions (I. II. IV. and V sce Figure 2) with the variable (V,) and constant (C,) regions of the k light chain of the immunoglobin Eu (Edelman. 1970). with the third (111) and fourth ( I V ) Ig-like segments of the myelin-associated glycoprotein MAG (Arquint el al..

J.. Ungewickell. E.. Calvert. , and Gratzer. W. B. (1979) FEBS Lett. 104: 396-400. Plut. D. A.. Hosey. M. M.. and Tao, M. (1978) Eur. J. Biochem. 8 2 333-337. Quist, E. , and Roufogalis, 8. D. (1975) Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 168 240-251. Raval. P. J.. an1 Allan, D. (1985) Biochem. J. 232 4 3 4 7 . Rybicki. , and Schwartz. R. S. (1985) J. Supramol. Struct. 98: 18. Sarkadi. , Szasz. I.. and Gardos. G. (1976) J. Membr. Biol. 26: 357-370. Schwartz. R. , Rybicki. A. , Mohandas. N.. Wolf. J. , and Lubin, B.

Woodget. J. R.. and Hunter, J. (1987) J. Biol. Chem. 262 4836-4843. THE STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION OF CELL ADHESION MOLECULES Bruce A. Cunningham OUTLINE I. 11. 111. IV. V. INTRODUCTION N-CAM A. Amino Acid Sequence B. mRNAs and the N-CAM Gene L-CAM AND RELATED MOLECULES Ng-CAM AND OTHER SECONDARY CAMS GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS REFERENCES Advances in Cell Biology, Volume 2, pages 25-54. Copyright 8 1988 by JAI Ress Inc. All rigbb of reproductioa in my fonn reserved. ISBN: 0-89232-886-X 25 25 28 33 38 40 46 48 49 BRUCE A.

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