Anger Management

We live in a time when media images and cultural norms suggest men become stronger and more competent when they take control of a difficult situation.  However, what happens when the pressure becomes too great to handle?  Are you any less of a man / woman if you can’t handle the pressure?  Unfortunately, morals and values can be compromised in order to relieve the pressure of mounting responsibilities.  An unhealthy buy a research paper online domyhomework release of pressure (e.g. aggressive or competitive behaviors, sexual addiction, physical or emotional control, domestic violence, etc.) can lead to increase feelings of anxiety or “stuckness”, guilt, or frustration.  Unresolved anger problems can also lead to more severe repercussions such as court fines, restraining orders, divorce, or even jail time.  The process of overcoming anger is difficult, however it is possible with help.  For this reason we provide 3 different ways to assist in your anger recovery.

Individual Therapy

Through the process of individual psychotherapy you can begin to explore aspects of your life that creates tension and frustration.  Much like a tornado, anger consumes all innocent bystanders in its path.  The destruction of anger can be deep and very painful. However, we can work together to discover a path of healing and understanding. You have the power to loosen the grasp of anger through patience and dedication.

Group Therapy

In addition to individual psychotherapy, the anger  group addresses the key components that may contribute to problems and feelings associated with anger. The group experience provides an opportunity for you to meet with others who are discouraged by their anger or who need help and understanding for their anger. Groups meet at a scheduled time and location for consistancy. A different topic of anger is discussed each week to guide the direction of discuss. The group is open to anyone, however a pre-screening interview is required to join the group.

Anger Classes- 8 & 16 Hours

The 8-hour anger class is based on the fundamental aspects that contribute buy a research paper online domyhomework to anger (i.e. social, cultural, emotional, and physical). The topics discussed in group therapy are explained in detail through a powerpoint presentation form. Current research in anger management is discussed as well as ways to over come anger. A short multiple choice quiz is provided for personal awareness of anger and to assess what was discussed in the course. Provided on a quarterly basis, the 8-hour class meets requirements for Snohomish and King Count’s court ordered treatment of anger. Times and location vary. Please visit the group page for current schedule.