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3 Ways to Change Your Perspective – Gia Griffitts

3 Ways to Change Your Perspective – Gia Griffitts

It is my belief that personal perspective changes, or can change, a great deal throughout our lifetime. It is common knowledge that many of the viewpoints or ideas we had at a young age on life, will change as we age, gain experience, develop mentally and emotionally, and make decisions. Circumstances that may affect our health in a negative way for example can have a powerful effect on how our feelings may change on spirituality or a miscarriage my change how one may feel about abortion. These dramatic life experiences have a great bearing on our life perspective.

My personal philosophy on life has evolved, and I believe that it will continue to do so, as my life progresses. One important point on my personal philosophy is just exactly that. That I remain open to growth and change. I welcome any way to broaden my experience, my knowledge and my prospective.

Any experience that we may encounter throughout life can have a great impact on out life perspective. Our relationships with the people who parent, care, raise, and enable us to grow up have a profound effect on how we will navigate our lives. These experiences, weather negative or positive will shape who we are and have a profound effect on, goals, success, ideas and perspective.

As I said before, my perspectives have changed throughout the years. For example I feel that every relationship I have experienced, whether it is an intimate relationship, a friendship or fleeting acquaintance, a relationship with a family member or coworker, has had an effect on each new relationship. As we grow and learn about people, and thus ourselves, we have an opportunity to create healthier stronger relationships, not only with the people we encounter throughout our lives, but also with ourselves. I believe that having a healthy relationship with one’s self, including self-respect, self-care, and strength in ones convictions, and a healthy dose of morals, will guide us into healthy and productive relationships.

As I have gotten older, I have realized that change is something that you can’t always control. I think that when I was younger I thought I had all the control. However, as I’ve gotten older and more experienced, it has become clear that is not the case. I still do my best to make wise and informed choices, however I also have learned to deal with unwanted or unforeseen changes in a much more positive way. I know look at these experiences as an opportunity for personal growth and change. The unforeseen and unexpected has also led me to a better agreement and understanding with my own spirituality. I used to let these unwanted changes impact me in such a drastic way; even if they were not a really big deal when all things are considered. As I’ve gotten older I have learned through experience and observing others how to better deal with my perceived changes. I think when I was younger changes in different aspects of my life were very impactful. As I have gotten older I’ve experienced and observed more; I have realized that many changes are not necessarily that impactful. While I do believe that people learn from both experience and observation; I think I have learned far more from experience. I have observed things in friends, family, coworkers, etc.; but I think my own experiences are what have made me who I am today. I truly try to keep a “big picture” outlook on life, and not let any singular change cause me to get too upset. Change in activities, relationships, and health is a part of life when you’re my age.


Owner and Clinical Supervisor at Pacific Mental Health.

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